Our Values


Support for the most vulnerable children: The intrinsic value of every girl and her dignity are of central importance to UDAAN. Our work is primarily focused on the most vulnerable children, who have the toughest living conditions and less access to education. We work to better the lives of these children through sharing our expertise, knowledge, and experience in an effort to improve the lives of these girls and provide them with the education they deserve.

Respect: Respect for others is the starting position towards target groups, donors, and colleagues. We believe that everyone should respect the situations that these children are experiencing and rise together to support them.

Sustainability: We believe in a society where each and every child is able to fulfill their dreams without being bogged down by the hurdles in their everyday life. We believe in providing that stable support when and where they need it most.

Expertise: UDAAN is continuously working on expanding the knowledge and expertise of the organization and its volunteers. We provide education and training for all our volunteers, as well as external expertise. UDAAN also works to continuously self-evaluate our developing organization.

Service beyond self: The very purpose of UDAAN is to serve underprivileged children. We believe in empowerment through education, and we believe in following it, too.

Values Respect