The Udaan Trust  is an independent legal entity, privately funded by the owners, employees, and associates of NetElixir. It operates beyond the company’s value chain and core area of business with its own staff, strategy, and boards.

Udaan is a Non-Profit Organization registered Under Telangana Societies Registration  Act, 2001 with Reg No. 268/11

Udaan was an idea that became a reality in the year 2016. We are an NGO which was just an idea of our Co-founder Tulika Bose with the motto:

So That No Young Girl Will Ever Be Afraid to Dream Again.

Poverty is the eternal enemy of opportunity. Few understand this more than young girls from the underprivileged echelons of Indian society. Many bright and ambitious girls, who dream of a better life, have to surrender those dreams to an age-old reality – they could never afford the education they need to escape. Udaan is there to keep hope alive and help these young girls change their destiny. It provides them with college scholarships and job placements, to help as many young girls as it can and give them the education and skills they need to be part of the modern world. Finally, they will find the empowerment and opportunity to choose their own path and to be free of an enemy that has always haunted them.

 We hope it’s the beginning of change.

And that one day soon, no young girl will ever be afraid to dream again.

We are young, we are not just an organization, but we are a movement that will strive to bring people together to provide every girl child an excellent education and environment, after all, we must know that….

When girls are educated and empowered, incredible things can happen.

It is rightly said by someone, ‘if we educate a girl, we educate a family’. It is true as the girl inculcates the knowledge within the family.

Girls are the creators, apart from being the girl of her dreams, she modifies her dreams as per the changes of time. She changes her priorities, from herself to her parents, the upbringing of her siblings, she choose to be the only earning hand of the family where there is no male member available to take care of the expenses.

Upon struggling for her identity, she chooses to be a part of another family and takes up the responsibility of the new family; which doesn’t mean she is not concerned about her parental family.

The girl has grown up now and she chooses to take care of both the families. The only difference is, she represents her new family and works her way to keep all her responsibilities and duties in place instead of directly taking care of her parental family; her priorities changed.

Udaan believes that, when a girl child chooses to get married, it should be her choice and not the only option and hence taking the initiatives to help girls from different places across the city.

So far, Udaan has been helping and sponsoring 18 girls and they are extremely happy and grateful to be a part of Udaan.