We believe that providing basic amenities in schools is an important part of a girl’s education, yet in certain part of India, women’s sanitary needs are almost always below the global grade. We decided to renovate a bathroom in the Government Girls High School in Ameerpet through our CSR (corporate social responsibility), UDAAN program.

When we first visited the school, our initial plan was only to announce the scholarship program to the girls. After speaking with the principal, we noticed there were many things at the school that needed to be improved. One of the major problems that caught our attention was the need to renovate the bathroom, considering it didn’t have proper flooring or even a roof. People from adjacent buildings had a see-through view, which appalled our team. We knew we had to do something.

Almost immediately, we reached out to our construction contacts who visited the school and estimated the total renovation cost to be around $1,000. We began fundraising for the new bathroom, but hit some bumps along the way. Construction slowed down due to other state government projects, but within a month’s time we were able to put in new floors, a roof, and plumbing.

The principal and the girls were so excited to see such a positive change in no time. Even though the total cost came to about $1,300, seeing the smiles on the girls faces was worth every penny. Thank you to all of our donors and everyone who helped with the project! Go UDAAN!

Before Renovation:                                       After:


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